Nokia 8310


Điện thoại Nokia 8310. Được công bố năm 2001. Tính năng hiển thị đồ họa đơn sắc, pin 830 mAh.

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Mô tả

The Nokia 8310 is a mobile phone manufactured by Nokia between 2001 and 2002. Belonging to the 8000 series, the handset was a member of Nokia’s flagship premium ‘candybar’ variety, and retailed for a price in excess of £400 on launch after its announcement at CEBIT in March 2001. Incorporating Nokia’s trademark menu system and GUI with a white backlight colour, the device was easy to operate, yet contained advanced premium features not normally found on handsets of the time, such as infrared, a fully functional calendar, and was the first Nokia phone to sport GPRS support and an FM Radio.

As the successor to the Nokia 8210, the 8310 was even smaller in size, one of the smallest Nokia have produced to date. It also has support for Xpress-On covers, and it was reported to come in 100 colour combinations.

The 8310 shares the same platform and shape with the Nokia 6510, the latter being a more business-oriented phone and utilised a higher resolution 96×60 display. Faceplates designed for the 8310 can be installed on a 6510 and vice versa.

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