Nokia 1100


Được công bố vào quý 3 năm 2003. Tính năng hiển thị đồ họa đơn sắc, pin 850 mAh.

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Mô tả

The Nokia 1100 (and closely related variants, the Nokia 1101 and the Nokia 1108) is a basic GSM mobile phone produced by Nokia. Over 250 million 1100s have been sold since its launch in late 2003, making it the world’s best selling phone handset and the best selling consumer electronics device in the world at the time. The model was announced on 27 August 2003[4] and was discontinued in 2009.

The 1100 achieved its popularity despite being made during a time when more modern and advanced devices were available in the market. It was targeted towards developing countries and users who do not require advanced features beyond making calls and SMS text messages, alarm clock, reminders, etc. The Nokia 1100 was the company’s cheapest mobile phone when it was released to the market, making it ideal for the developing world. Its feature set is similar to the previous 5110/3210/3310 models that were among the most popular mobile phones in the world during their time, before handsets developed several new features such as cameras, polyphonic ringtones and colour screens.

The Nokia 1100 case was designed at Nokia Design Center in California, and patented for the US by the Bulgarian-American designer Dimitre Mehandjiysky. The software was adapted and ported to the DCT4 platform at Nokia Copenhagen, Denmark by members of the S30 group.

Nokia’s one billionth phone sold was a Nokia 1100 purchased in Nigeria in 2005.

In early 2009, it was in the news due to a firmware flaw in a batch of phones that were manufactured in a plant in Bochum, Germany. The phone could supposedly be programmed to receive messages directed to a different phone number, thus receiving sensitive data such as online banking details. This flaw was brought to authorities’ attention after some phones were sold for over US$32,000.

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